The 2017 Alternative K-League Awards – Rock of the Year

Rock of the Year 2017

This award goes to the best defender in the K-League Classic for the 2017 season. Continue reading “The 2017 Alternative K-League Awards – Rock of the Year”


Episode 98 – “We would’ve gotten away with it…”


Episode 98 – “We would’ve gotten away with it….”


music_double_note_song_melody-512 “Who let the dogs out, woof, woof, woof, woof” music_double_note_song_melody-512

Biscuit the dog!

This week sees the boys discuss the all important stories in the K-League and some rather touching ones too as Seongnam FC not only get a new kit sponsorship deal but also decide to sponsor a rescued greyhound in the shape of “biscuit”…not quite sure that’s what most fans had in mind when Park said there’d be new faces at the club. The boys also discuss FC Seoul’s title defence amidst Adriano’s ever-impending move to China and the announcement that Kwak Tae Hwi will take over the Captain’s armband from Osmar for the upcoming season with Park Chu Young becoming the “assistant to the captain”

Tune in this week as the boys discuss transfers, the “taking on of fluids”, the 2017 opening day fixtures, FC Seoul and the “Super Charity Shield Match” the World Cup expansion and what it means to Korea  and more…….

music_double_note_song_melody-512 “Loves got the world in motion and I know what we can do” music_double_note_song_melody-512

The K-Advent Calendar Day 11 – Half-Time Events

Day11 - Half-Time

K-Advent Day 11 – Half-time Events

Half-time events have changed quite a bit since we at 48 Shades HQ were cutting our teeth on the terraces back home. I especially remember my half-time normally consisted of being sent to fetch a fresh bovril by my soon-to-be brother-in-law, a practice I gladly passed on to his nephew some 18 months my junior, I guess even back then I was laying the foundations for the cut-throat world of chaebol office politics. Not to be left behind in the wake of other sporting events the K-League has also embraced the concept of ‘we need to give them something to cheer about as that last 45 mins was rank rotten’. Most of the K-League Classic teams have some kind of HT giveaway competition with some aiming to reward your knowledge of football, some your dancing prowess and in FC Seoul’s case the ability to stick a finger in the air while smiling gleefully like a demented chipmunk on helium.

The prizes on offer for these events are generally some kind of club merchandise such as a scarf or hat, although FC Seoul push the boat out and give away the amazing prize of GS vouchers, an act that surely comes under the heading of ‘we want the chaebol money just not their name in our team’s name so we can pretend to be a club of the people’. At Seongnam they have a HT dance-off in which the winner has the opportunity to win a 42-inch TV or a scarf, no difference there obviously. This dance-off also gives the cameraman the chance to audition for the next World Cup as he spends most of the interval scouring the crowd for females.  But for us at 48 Shades Tower you can keep your merchandise, your shameless product-placement vouchers nay even your TVs as there is only one thing we want at half-time and that is a tractor!!! Yip you read it right a tractor! Not content with trying to steal our hearts by being the ‘Army’ team Sangju Sangmu also like to parade tractors around their stadium on any given half-time. It may sound like one step away from banjo music but it is a a tad quaint and does sum up the differences between the top and bottom teams in Korea.

So if you are planning on heading to a K-League ground near you soon then remember to at least stay for the HT event as who knows if you are lucky you might just be driving a shiny new combine harvester home to tea, although maybe you will have to do with a 10,000W GS voucher which might just get you a packet of Honey Butter chips to take away the pain. 

The Seongnam dance-off just got real!! Tancheon’s so hot right now!

The K-Advent Calendar Day 7 – Squid

Day7 - Squid

K-Advent Calendar Day 7 – Squid


When growing up on the terraces back home the selection of food available to the average fan was not the most elaborate of buffets and generally ranged from a ridiculously boiling hot cup of Bovril to a rather crusty looking, and all too often crusty tasting, pie. Things have come on quite a bit from those days though and now everything from pizza to steak pies to paninis are available on matchday which brings us neatly to day 7 – dried squid! Whether you are at Tancheon, The Big Bird or even down in the K3 that wonderful delicacy is there for all. It resembles something that was rejected from I’m a Celebrity as being “too much” and that’s before you get close enough to enjoy it’s unique aroma. It’s very much the staple diet among sporting fans of all ages in Korea so if you were unable to procure some outside the stadium don’t worry as the smell is such that you will feel you have some sitting on your lap.

As football snacks go it’s fair to say it’s not number one on the 48 Shades roll of honours although that sausage on a stick thing at Sangnam does come a close second. You do tend to get the impression that catering is not really high on the K-League’s list of priorities (although one could argue that noting seems to be a priority to them) and God forbid Gordon Ramsay continues the pretence that he was once a footballer and ever descends on Korea as I’m not sure how popular ‘Ramsay’s K-League Nightmares’ would be.

Sea-dwelling creatures are not altogether uncommon at footballing events, we have the famous Paul the Octopus who rose to fame by predicting the winner in Germany’s World Cup matches at  WC2010. Paul famously predicted Germany’s thrashing of England as well as their play-off win over Uruguay. He did so by opening a box decked in the flag of the nation he thought would win and eating it’s contents. Not too dissimilar to watching an ajussi devouring a box of friend chicken at HT at the World Cup Stadium. After his meteoric rise to fame Paul lived out the rest of his happy days snacking on mussels and enjoying the company of a couple of starfish.

St. Paul The Octopus of Scotland
St. Paul The Octopus of Scotland