Episode 131: The Days Of Future Past



This week the boys host the podcast from the newly renovated 48 Shades Mansion as they discuss all the main news and issues hitting the K-League. This week sees the launch of the inaugural K_Classics section where we review a key event/moment/star from the past that has shaped the league. For the first trip down memory lane the boys get all teary-eyed as they look back to the 2005 FA Cup and that unbelievable run from the sadly departed Ulsan Mipo Dolphins. The National League team made it all the way to the final only to fall to Jeonbuk Hyundai. As well as that fantastic run there was also the rather impressive goal-scoring feats of one Milton Rodriguez who scored six goals en route to the final…..unfortunately he pulled a Salvatore Schillaci and was never to be heard of again!!!

Also on this week’s show the boys review the recent matches in both the Classic and Challenge, discuss the potential return of Hiddink, reveal their losers and winners of the week, look ahead to the weekend’s clashes and more……


Episode 111 – Violent Violet?


Anyang’s fans get ready for the Seoul cup tie!!!

” I am in misery, there ain’t nobody who can comfort me”


This week the guys discuss the highly anticipated FA Cup match as FC Seoul welcome Anyang to Seoul World Cup Stadium for what could be a fiery encounter both on and off the pitch. Anyang fans do like to hold a grudge and still haven’t forgiven the KFA for relocating their team to Sangam. Many of the fans forums recently have been swamped by the boys in purple as they seem to view this as their “match of the season”. With Seoul in rather unpredictable form, and the memory of Bucheon claiming Jeonbuk’s cup scalp last year still fresh, this was has all the potential to be a cracker…..or Seoul could very well run out 5-0 winners. Whatever happens I’m sure those of a purple persuasion will have some kind of display in store for their hosts!

Also on this week’s show the guys discuss the continuing poor form of Seongnam (editor’s note : I’m just cutting and pasting that sentence week on week now), review a rather mixed week for the ACL teams, give an update on Uli and where he might be come next summer, they preview the weekend’s matches,discuss team’s of the week and more…..


Five things that we learnt from R4

Round three saw business as usual at the top and bottom of the Classic so here are five things we learnt from this week’s matches.

1. No Home Comforts
This week’s round of matches saw three score draws and three away wins leaving most home fans disappointed.  Jeonnam and Jeju fans will have been particularly disappointed after conceding in the last minute to lose and draw respectively.

2. Seoul Theatre is alive and well
FC Seoul have a reputation for scoring in the last minute to dig out a win and their match against Jeonnam saw the first occurrence of that this season as they got a last minute penalty to take all three points from a match they had not really competed in.  The internet was awash with conspiracy theories about the theatrical nature of the dive to earn the penalty. After viewing the replay, 48 Shades thinks that the Seoul player was tripped but definitely made the most of it.

3. Unbeatable trio
Three teams remain unbeaten after four rounds; bet you could have got great odds on Suwon FC being one of them prior to the start of the season! At the other end, Incehon remain pointless even though they fought back to 2-2 from 2-0 down and were gifted a brilliant chance for a third equaliser after the Seongnam keeper passed a backpass directly to Incheon’s non-Kevin foreign striker on the edge of the box. His failure to put that away will haunt his dreams for a while.

4. Jeonbuk stuttering on
Despite having the best squad on paper, Jeonbuk have not really being doing the job on the field although they are unbeaten and well in the mix. LDG scored with a tasty volley to take the lead in their match in Pohang but their shaky defence again let them down as they conceded a late eqaliser.

5. Kim Chang-soo must have booked a holiday somewhere
The Jeonbuk player followed up his red card in last week’s ACL match by getting sent off at the weekend for a horror tackle five minutes before the end. He lunged with is studs up, raking them down the Pohang player’s leg and into his ankle before following through with his trailing leg. He then had the nerve to smile while walking off the pitch. Anyway, that will presumably see him being able to jet off on holiday for three weeks or so…

Five Things we Learnt from R3

April promises to be a busy month with six rounds of the K-League Classic taking place and the first of these rounds contributed five new facts to add to the 2016 K-League Wiki…

1. Ban that Banner!
Anyone that has been to an FC Seoul game will be aware of Kim Yong-dae superfan and his succession of ever bigger KYD tribute banners. With KYD being shipped off to Ulsan over the winter, the most asked question in the Diablos forum was what new atrocity said KYD ajosshi would have to block our view with and in R3 we got our answer…Behold!
image1He swings it in a figure of eight regularly throughout the match completely obscuring our view…

Diablo Bruce Banner’s view is blocked by KYD Ajosshi’s banner once again…

2. His Milkshake will bring all the boys to the yard…
Bluewings’ association with Maeil Dairies is the gift that keeps on giving. Hot on the heels of last week’s giant cow mascots is the news that the Man of the Match Award for this season will be 1,000 cartons of Maeil low fat and 2% calcium milk (500 of each?). Wunderkid Kwon Changhoon won the MotM award for R3 and when asked for his reaction said “It’ll be difficult to drink 1,000 cartons of milk by myself, I’ll have to think about what to do with them.” Sounds like a good competition for us to run, so answers on a postcard to the usual address!

He’s really milking that!

3. Born Again Patriot
It’s now 4 in 3 games for the patriot to remain clear in the race for the golden boot. This week’s strike was very well taken as he hovered on the edge of the box and pounced on a half-hit clearance and slammed it into the net. The Patriot has really taken the Gwangju Phoenix mascot to heart in this renaissance.

4. Luck of the Irish!
All those years of singing Celtic chants has finally brought Seongnam the luck of the Irish as for the second week in a row they benefit from the lack of goal-line cameras in the K-League. This week Pohang had a clear goal disallowed and Seongnam won 1-0 to put them top of the tree.

A close-up of the pitch at Tancheon!

5. Next stop Prawn Kimbap?
Where the UK is to the Dodgy burger van, so Korea is to pot noodles and dried squid…until now!  This past week, Ulsan had some foodtrucks at their game serving Turkish kebabs, Greek souvlaki and Mexican quesadillas.  Prawn sandwiches cannot be far behind!

Don’t forget to crook your little finger!