Episode 149 – ‘Sno joke, Chief

This week at 48 Shades Tower Mark is still trying his best to thaw off from the Suwon Bluewings Asian Champions League playoffs where they defeated Thanh Hoa in utterly Baltic conditions. The game saw the debuts of Dejan, Waguininho, Lim Sang Hyub and Lee Ki Jae all of whom scored with Waguininho bagging himself…

Episode 148 – Rok-Rolled

This week at 48 Shades HQ we were blown off our feet with the news that the K-League had decided to change the much maligned names of the two top divisions…no more Classic and Challenge to confuse.

Episode 145 – Damn!janovic

The boys meet this week to discuss the story that that has caused ripples throughout Korean football and beyond as one-time FC Seoul legend Dejan Demanovic has agreed to join bitter rivals Suwon Bluewings in a transfer none would have predicted as the winter close season fell upon us.

Episode 144 – The Danned United

Episode 144 – The Danned United! This week the 48 Shades boys met up with Seoul E-Land coach and all-round good guy Dan Harris in what was to be an ‘exit interview’ as he was leaving Korea the next week for pastures and challenges new.

Episode 142 – Damp Squib Man

Episode 142 – Damp Squib Man This week the boys focus on the East Asian Cup and the upcoming ‘winner takes all’ Haniljeon match between Korea and Japan as the old foes do battle once again, this time the EAFF trophy the spoils of war.

Episode 141 – Once Busan, Twice Shy

Episode 141 – Once Busan, Twice Shy The boys meet up to wrap-up the 2017 K-League season as Ulsan hosted Busan in the final match of the year in the 2nd leg of the FA Cup final. The visitors had it all to play for as they came into the match 2-1 down but it…