The 48s 2019 – The “Man We Can Never Hear Enough From” Award

As you can probably imagine when 48 Shades heard that a player from Manchester City was going to grace the green slopes of the K-League we were a little pessimistic about how much he would bring to both Ulsan and the league in general, after all Niall McGinn had been quite the waste of an air-fare. Lo and behold in 2018 Mix Diskerud would go on to surprise and entertain us in equal measure and he duly took home the 48 for “Twitter Account We’d Most Like To Hear More From” a year ago. Hear more we did.

In 2019 that the Norwegian American would scale the heights of legend both on and off Twitter as week in week out he would take to social media to delight his fans akin to a Roberto Carlos free-kick or a mazy Messi run.

It started with the “lost” passport episode as his original loan contract was about to finish. That tweet not only won the internet that day but also spawned an epic club video, sadly the cleaning lady was not in said video otherwise I’m sure she would have been featuring in an End Of The Year award show of her own.

After being selected, obviously, for the K-League All-Stars team to play what would be a Ronaldo-less Juventus team Mix revealed just how seriously The Old Lady of Italian football had taken the match…..

Quick on the heels of that fantastic 3-3 result against the now-despised footballing giants of Europe, Mix decided that surely a career in politics awaited given his ability to split defences with such ease……that or comedy, we’re not sure at 48 Shades Tower.

Back to the bread and butter of football and the K-League and Mix showed a rater compassionate side as he acknowledged his old teammate and friend Oh Seung-hoon as Ulsan traveled to face Oh’s new team Jeju United. While Mix himself didn’t manage to get on the scoresheet and therefore was not faced with the dilemma of whether to celebrate, five of his teammates did find the net as Ulsan thumped Jeju 5-0. I’m sure Seung-hoon appreciated the gesture tho!

Despite his hugely influential season, and let’s be honest he does make Ulsan tick and is an exceptional player, Mix would have to sit out the final game of the season due to picking up a booking for……well for nothing I guess. In fairness he joined the fans and also tweeted to defend the hardest job in football, oh no wait it was the referee he defended not podcasters.

Despite not being able to feature in the final 90 mins of a pulsating and pretty incredible season, Mix was not finished with his stellar social media shenanigans. He kept the best to last as he becomes, without doubt, the only man on Earth capable of rhyming Asian with “lactation”.

Mix, wherever your next travels may take you, and we at 48 Shades hope it’s somewhere in Korea, we wish you not only all the best but we would like to bestow upon you the ‘Mix Diskerud Award For The Man We Can Never Hear Enough From’. You my friend are by far everyone’s favourite American in Korea!!


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