The 48’s 2019 – The “Bear Grylls Survival” Award

Now while he’s not exactly using the bark from trees he passes to make his CJ microwaveable rice last twice as long, Peter Hampshire could give a lesson or two and then some on how to navigate the jungles of affordable Korean public transport as he makes his way from K-League ground to K-League ground. Having said that, some of the things eaten by Bear do look better than Peter’s favourite travel meal.

Hampered not with a desire to be famous for eating bugs but rather a salary and a remote address, Peter has utilized the extremes of Korea’s many transport methods in order to take in a game or two. There’s been bicycles, buses, ITX, SRT, KTX and probably a few other acronyms along the way all in the name of the ‘beautiful game’. With the accompanying food selections making Rambo himself question his life choices.

It all started with a simple tweet……

Of course traveling to games is not the only energy-sapping element to watching football in Korea as there are of course the challenges that come with trying to watch your team from back home. But if you don’t want to pay for SPOTV ON, or even internet for that matter than no worries Bear Hampshire has you covered…….PC Bangs! Unfortunately they also come with the occasional wild animal attack….

Back to K-League travel and not every journey is an arduous and lonely experience, sometimes you get candy-giving grandmothers, other times a talkative ajossi unwilling to believe that you are not American and other times you get to share the experience with fellow football-loving enthusiasts. In those rare occasions it is, of course, essential that you embrace both the moment and them in equal measure.

Peter, you have shown us all the way and I for one have started Google-mapping the back roads and underpasses from Sindorim to Tancheon which threw up an amazing area that seems to promise me Motels, barbers and something called “Bukchang-dong Noraebangs”. I will keep you posted as to how my 2020 pans out!





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