The 48’s 2019 – The “Twitter Spat Of The Year” Award

We’re not sure if KingKenny and Scottyonfire have actually met in real life but we think they would probably get on. Both are newlyweds, both are football mad and both spend far too much time worrying if Margaret Thatcher is still dead. There is one problem though. Tom (King Kenny) supports Seongnam while Scott supports Suwon Bluewings. That combustible combination was set alight the night the Bluewings overcame Daejeon Korail to win the FA Cup.

It began when Tom noticed that a banner held up by the Suwon fans was not new and had been used at a prior match. We were unaware of this, but it is apparently a serious breach of K-League fan etiquette:

spat1 Scott was not happy:


Really not happy:


It was on. Tom decides now would be an opportune moment to spread the debate to miscellaneous other misdemeanors attributed to Suwon fans:


Scott is fuming:


We think Tom was partially offering an olive branch there but it quickly descended to the level of “I’m going to go to your stadium and cheer for the opposition” “Well, good. Thanks for giving us your money”

Surely the tone can’t go any lower though?

Spat 6


It is a fair point,  although we are now slightly worried about the whereabouts – not to mention the well-being – of Neil Redfearn around 8pm on the evening of Friday August 2nd, 2019 when numerous eye-witnesses place Scott at Sangam very much watching the FC Seoul v Daegu FC match from the balcony of the SkyPub between the North and East stands…

Back to Cup Final Night. On it went with more back and forth but little real progress:

Spat 7

Until the least likely source and formerly the runaway favourite to win this award, capped off proceedings by speaking up for the rest of K-League twitter:

Spat 8

We don’t think there was any lasting damage – although we wonder about both men’s heads the following morning – and it’s a job well done as Tom and Scott jointly pick up the 48 Award for Twitter Spat Of The Year!

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