The 48s – The ‘Sandals’ Award For Honeymoon of the Year

When it comes to planning that all so special trip after the big stressful day most couples weigh up factors such as location, secluded-ness, weather and, for Koreans, instagram-ability. These were, obviously, not even close to crossing the mind of Bluewings and Barnsley fan Scott (@ScottySSBFC) as he planned his ‘once in a lifetime’ trip with his newly-wed. In place of location we had Oakwell, for secluded-ness we had the Racecourse and for weather? Well it was England after all!!

For a man who most mocked during the season (okay we admit that was only us at 48 Shades) as he missed Bluewings games due to such important events as ‘having the flu’ and ‘pre-wedding’ wedding photo shoots, it was refreshing to see that he had a rather exceptional and ‘Lads-Bible’ worthy honeymoon. It was a honeymoon to rival many and as a result we almost forgive him for missing both the FA Cup Semi-final and the ACL Semi-final…..actually after typing this we can safely assume that it was his ‘better-half’ who planned the honeymoon while he made the party favours!!

Ok, they did go to the Canary Islands first, but:

Magnificent work.

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