The 48s – ‘The I’ve Seen Better Decisions On Teen Mom’ Award

“That’s a nice-looking wooden horse. Never mind the war, bring it in the gates!” – A Trojan, 12th century BC

“Anyone up for a land invasion of Russia? the weather’s just perfect!” – N. Bonaparte, 1812

“There’s some quarreling in my political party. Let’s have a referendum on our EU membership!” –  Pig-worrier, 2014.

History is littered with errors of judgement and downright bad decision-making but few will ever compare to the conversation that must have taken place in the FC Seoul office at the end of last season. It may have gone something like this:

“We’ve got to do something about our foreign striker”
“The one who scored 22 goals in 41 appearances this season?”
“Yeah. He’s 36. He should retire”
“Isn’t he still in great physical shape and has adapted his game making him as deadly as ever in front of goal and is still the most popular player among our fans?”
“Yeah. He’s 36. He should retire”
“Agreed. I’ll go and tell the old man he’s finished”
“Make sure you speak up a bit. He’s 36 so he might not hear you”

12 months later:

Any number of choices made by FC Seoul in 2018 could have “won” this award. However, the way in which they let go their only striker – a  bona-fide club and K-League legend no less – whereupon he joined their biggest rivals and scored the goals which propelled them to the semi-finals of the Asian Champions League, is something special.

Seoul meanwhile almost blundered their way to what would have arguably been the dumbest relegation in footballing history.

It deserves its own Harvard Business School Case Study in mind-blowing stupidity and frankly, 48-Shades has seen better decisions in an average episode of Teen Mom.


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