The 48s – The 40yr Old Virgin Award

‘Better Late Than Never’ is the tagline of the iconic Steve Carell movie, I’m not sure our very own @chiefinkorea would agree after his ‘virginal’ year as a K-League season ticket holder. He may not exactly have been ‘popping his Korean footballing cherry’ as he took his seat, or stance as the case would be more often than not for The Chief, on Day 1 of the K-League Two this year but it would be the first time he really invested any measurable interest in a Korean kick-off.

He may have very well started the season as an ‘accidental fan’ due to his youngest donning the colours of Suwon FC’s junior outfit but as the season grew so too did The Chief’s passion, frustration and penchant for profanity as his newly adopted heroes fell short time and time and time again.

There may well have been more lows than highs and definitely more beers than cheers but there is no denying that the K-League Two has a new voice in it’s chorus line, a new conductor in it’s orchestra and it comes fully equipped with a Coatbridge accent, a varied vocabulary and the passion that only a true football fan abroad can bring to their adopted league.



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