The 48s – ‘Twitter Account We Most Want to Hear More From’ Award

The first ever Norwegian/American to be loaned to the K-League from Manchester City – surely an award in itself – Mix Diskerud has impressed in midfield for Ulsan since his arrival in the summer. Online, he’s equally impressive. An instinctive button-presser, his tweets may be infrequent, and he hasn’t updated his bio since he was playing in New York, but when they drop, they’re generally worth the wait for his 380,000 followers.

Whether it’s querying the use of VAR or suggesting he’d quite like a bet, Mix knows how to get a reaction.

Did you know just how important Mix has been to Ulsan since he arrived? You do if you follow him:

While those medals didn’t quite pan out, he’s going to need the suit as Mix has a 100% chance of winning the award for  “Twitter Account We Want To Hear More From”.


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