The 48s – ‘Titanic : Tip of the Iceberg’ Award

“Community Service right ahead!” This is probably the thought that international defender Jang Hyun-soo wished had passed through his head as he sipped his warm latte in the toasty confines of a coffee shop instead of coaching outside in the snow.

When the news broke that Jang was to be banned from future National team squads due to “doctoring” his community service  many in the media thought, and hoped, that it would be an isolated case of poor judgement on the FC Tokyo defender’s part. Unfortunately that would seem not to be the case as first a Judo medalist then a badminton player were also found to have massaged the details of their service.

Maybe Jang should have watched the 2hr borefest that was Titanic before posting his community service dates as he obviously has no idea what ice looks like or he might have chosen a different day.

Jang Hyun-soo

Don’t worry though Hyun-soo you wouldn’t have wanted to be pelted with yeot at the airport again anyways.


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