The 48s – ‘The John Hancock Smuggler of the Year’ Award

One of the best things about attending live sport in Korea, aside from the actual sport obviously, is the ability to have a cold beer while soaking up the atmosphere and excitement on show. From sports as varied as football to baseball alcohol is freely available within the confines of the arena. So it does beg the question why so many of us still run the risk of annoying a security ‘gorilla’ by ‘smuggling’ copious amounts of alcohol into a match. From the slopes of Bucheon Stadium to the temporary terraces at Tancheon, from The Big Bird to the Purple Arena you will find fans delving into their bags for a refill all the while trying not to catch the eye of a jobs-worth steward intent on forcing you to decant your carefully hidden treasure into a cheap plastic, or even worse, paper cup. For many it’s as simple as not wanting to queue for a beer and potentially miss something spectacular for others it’s that feeling of rebellion the likes of which have been missing since the days of chapping Old Mrs. Hughes’ door and hiding behind her bins.

Of course for every punter who smuggles in the odd beer to avoid queuing there will be the proverbial ‘mile-taker’ who will feel the need to bring in a bag of swag that could sate the thirst of a shipload of Russian sailors. And it is to those hardy souls that we dedicate this award


Our very own Kleague_Kilt decided that enough was enough and that no more of his GS delights would get confiscated and poured into a paper cup by the over zealous security guard at Seongnam’s temporary stand, he swears that woman only does her job for the pleasure on making him watch as she purposefully pours him a cup of froth. Often a critic of umbrellas at football the Kilt decided that there is indeed a time and a place for everything an so it was that he descended upon the most evil of bag search tables complete with a cargo of Harbin safely hidden inside a golf umbrella …

The most valuable umbrella in Korea!

Now I know what you are thinking, what could possibly beat that? Well without further ado we give you this year’s winner…

Lex before Seoul v Jeonbuk

Yes! That is indeed 4 cans of beer inside two pizza boxes with the middles cut out! It’s not just ingenious, it’s perfection!! Lex Nande take a bow you are The 2018 Smuggler of the Year


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