The 48s – HT “Entertainment Award”

Nothing screams ‘depleted crowds alert’ quite like the cries of “Send in the clowns” from a blazer-strewn boardroom or,as has been the case in the K-League this year, “Send in the ‘celebrity’ penalty-kick takers”! It feels like an eternity since those pesky fellows at Bucheon were blowing their cash on Hello Venus and Bambino with pitches these days feeling like a steady stream of ‘I’m a Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here’ auditions.

In third place….

The Trotting Queen of Suwon

What better way to position yourself as a true citizen club of the people than to call upon some trot music for your HT entertainment, Of course the fact that Suwon FC had in fact just shafted The Real Crew Ultras and moved them away from their long-secured position behind the goals made them less “citizen” and more “state”

In second place….

The Ice Princess of Tancheon

Seongnam decided, for some reason, to invite Speed skating heroine Choi Min-Jung to take a ceremonial HT penalty kick into the temporary stand. Hardly famed for her out-pouring of smiles and childlike energy she promptly took the kick, muttered the obligatory “Seongnam, fighting!’ and trudged back off the pitch all without as much as a ripple of a facial expression.

The winner is…..

We almost got Mamamoo

Not to be outdone by their trot-loving city rivals, Suwon Bluewings decided to follow up last year’s successful procurement of opera’s Paul Potts with the darlings of K-Pop, Mamamoo. There were online adverts, “woo hoos” from fans and neutrals alike, there were posters, even fans regretting having vacations booked for fear of missing the girl group sensations. Sadly though as Samsung have cut finances to Bluewings so too did Mamamoo’s management and the expectant fans were left less than “starry-eyed” as only three of the four members took to the pitch. A brief wave, followed by an “Ambiguous” delay in the middle which failed to have any musical accompaniment was then followed by a couple of half-hearted center-circle kicks. At least Choi Min-jung gave us a “Fighting”, Mamamoo were more of a “Uh, oh, ah, yeah” and then they were gone and we were left with some dancing cows!

You needn’t have been, Scott.

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