Episode 171 – An Evening on Line Føur(ny)

This week The Phantom and Mark take the podcast on the road as they make the journey from Seoul to Ansan for the visit of Suwon FC. The guys discuss all things K-League with perhaps the odd refreshment or two. A lot is often made of the K-League’s lack of ability to evolve, with the same coaching styles and tactics seemingly employed at most clubs so it was refreshing to see Incheon United take the rather bold move of appointing ex-North Korea coach Jorn Andersen as the man responsible for keeping them up. While he might have had the greatest impact on their league position he has got them at least losing in style as the seem to have given up the idea of defending! They might not be able to keep their place at Korea’s ‘top table’ but they are at least trying to stay up by giving the fans a show, and the occasional 7-goal thriller.

Seoul’s Line 4…fraught with many a GS table and chairs!

Also on this week’s episode Suwon FC fan ‘The Alternative View’ joins us at half-time to talk about the match, Suwon’s season so far, the impact of the summer signings and also to discuss whether it’s too early to dream of the playoffs just yet.

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