Episode 166 – Pokerface

Paul returns after a few week’s break and joins Mark at 48 Shades Tower in time to preview Korea’s chances at the World Cup. But before that it’s a trip down memory lane as they analyse exactly what that opening ceremony was all about and whether or not Robbie Williams is to Russia what David Hasselhoff is to Germany. Back to the football and the guys review the pre-tournament preparations as Korea had a less than stellar set of results in their warm-up friendlies, losing to Bosnia and Senegal with a goalless draw against Bolivia sandwiched in between. They also touch on the news that coach Shin Tae Yong has been playing “mind games” with Sweden in particular by picking strange formations, team selections and even going as far as swapping player numbers in a ploy to confuse the less observant of scouts…..and we thought Glenn Hoddle using  a’faith healer’ in 1998 was odd!

It is going to be a tough group for Korea, with Sweden, Mexico and finally Germany all more than capable of punishing a defence that has looked shaky at best. All hopes will be pinned on Son Heung Min and wehther or not he will finally turn up in a national teams shirt. Touted as one of the top players at the tournament by FIFA, he’ll need to replicate his Spurs form and more if the Taegeuk Warriors are to stay in Russia longer than a vodka hangover!

Also on this week’s show there’s a rather solemn round-up of the final week of the K2 as Mark ties to put a brave face on Seongnam’s fall from the top, the guys discuss some transfer news including a recent thorn in Jeonbuk’s side moving to K-League and more…..

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