Episode 148 – Rok-Rolled

This week at 48 Shades HQ we were blown off our feet with the news that the K-League had decided to change the much maligned names of the two top divisions…no more Classic and Challenge to confuse.

The league bosses after much deliberation, and more lock-ins than a Glasgow City Center pub, came up with the incredibly imaginative ‘K-League 1’ and ‘K-League 2’, Wow! We never seen that coming. K1 and K2 are much more credible names, after all the 2nd division is pretty competitive and it is a mountain to climb to get out of it but we do now have the situation where technically the ‘K3’ is in fact the ‘K4’ with The National League being the actual ‘K3’. Confused? Don’t worry wait until we get to the disciplinary procedure then you’ll really give up!!!!

We at 48 Shades do of course welcome the change as ‘Classic’ and ‘Challenge’ never really quite made sense, next up hopefully is the removal of the dreaded split……we won’t hold our breath on that one though!.

Also on this week’s episode the guy’s discuss the ACL playoffs, the K-League 2 fixtures are finally released, we reveal our winners and losers and we look Korea’s performances at the Under 23’s  Championship and much more……

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