Episode 145 – Damn!janovic

The boys meet this week to discuss the story that that has caused ripples throughout Korean football and beyond as one-time FC Seoul legend Dejan Demanovic has agreed to join bitter rivals Suwon Bluewings in a transfer none would have predicted as the winter close season fell upon us. After a few weeks of rumour and “maybes aye, maybes naw” the man regarded by many as the “greatest import in the K-League” jumped ship and crossed the divide to The Big Bird stadium and the blue of Suwon Bluewings. 48 Shades was of course divided on the matter with Paul’s tears barely audible over Mark’s howls of laughter as they analysed reasoning, stats, fan reaction and the possible impact on the K-League in terms of attendances/Marketing. The move has obviously been met with bouts of online anger akin to the opening credits of 28 Days Later although most of this has been directed at FC Seoul and Hwang Sun Hong in particular as it would seem it was his relationship with the Montenegrin striker that is the underlying reason for his departure. One thing is for sure, no matter what else happens in the K-League in 2018 all eyes will be on that first Supermatch and especially the long-haired frontman in blue.

Also on this week’s episode the guys reveal their winners and losers of the week, relive their “K-Classic” Dejan moments, mull over the goings on at Seongnam, discuss the other transfer ins-and-outs and much more……


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