Episode 144 – The Danned United

Episode 144 – The Danned United!

This week the 48 Shades boys met up with Seoul E-Land coach and all-round good guy Dan Harris in what was to be an ‘exit interview’ as he was leaving Korea the next week for pastures and challenges new. Originally brought in as Assistant Manager to Martin Rennie he would end his tenure as the Fitness Coach under his third Manager in three seasons. Dan joined us for a chat after a season which was undoubtedly a disappointment for the boys from Jamsil as they finished in 8th spot in the table and looked like a shadow of the team Dan & Martin had built in their first season. It wasn’t all doom and gloom though as Dan would see his protege Joo Min Kyu in fantastic form in the K-League Classic for Sangju as he showed yet again that he is one of the best Korean strikers around.

As well as the 2017 season the boys and Dan also discuss the highlights and low points of Dan’s three seasons in the K-League including the infamous character that was Tarabai, Dan reveals the best players and teams that he has faced, gives an insight into training and er… music, they rake over the coals of what was Seongnam’s failure in the playoffs and much, much more.


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