Episode 102 – “I don’t like it Michael”


Episode 102 – “I don’t like it Michael”


music_double_note_song_melody-512 “Don’t cry for me Argentina, the truth is I never left you”music_double_note_song_melody-512



Carlos Tevez sent packing from the ACL

This week sees the boys taking on the main talking points in Korea and beyond with Japan and even Scotland getting the much-loved 48 Shades Podcast touch. The main talking point is the ACL as the group stages have been finalized after the final round of the qualifiers took place. The main talking point being ‘Galactico’ Carlos Tevez crashing out of the ACL before the groups as Shanghai fell to a 2-0 home defeat to Brisbane Roar. Money well spent indeed!!!

Tune in this week as the boys discuss transfers, the ACL and the “group of death”, an update on the Korean team’s friendlies, some more transfer updates as Jeonbuk sign the “new Leo”, they discuss the new J-League television deal and how it dwarfs anything in Korea, new strips  and more…….

music_double_note_song_melody-512“Strip for me babe, strip for you”music_double_note_song_melody-512


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