Episode 97 – His name is Leo and he dances in the sand!


Episode 97 – “His name is Leo and he dances in the sand”


music_double_note_song_melody-512 “Her name is Rio and she dances in the sand” music_double_note_song_melody-512

Episode 97 is in the can- This week sees the boys discuss the big news in the transfer market as some rather popular names get set to leave for pastures new. Jeonbuk’s most loved foreign son Leonardo is on the move while Wesley Snipes wannabe Adriano is garnering interest from China. The plus news for the Mad Green Boys is that the talismanic Tiago could be making a return to Korea after a rather disappointing jaunt in the Middle East. Not to be eclipsed the Challenge has also seen some action as the aforementioned Seongnam recruit former Jeju striker Danilo Neco. Seoul E-Land also found themselves in the news this week as some over-zealous PR work backfired and they were forced to first retract then aplogise for announcing a couple of signings a tad too early. A schoolboy error if ever there was one.

Tune in this week as the boys discuss transfers, the Japanese Emperor’s Cup, Chinese fair play rules, new regulations for the K-League, the new Seongnam gaffer’s vision for 2017 and more…….

music_double_note_song_melody-512” Video killed the radio star” music_double_note_song_melody-512

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