Seongnam v Seoul – The match that divides a podcast



From warring clans, to envious brothers, to countries divided by civil strife throughout history there have been events which have divided nations, corporations and even families. This weekend we see another such event as Seongnam host FC Seoul in a match which divides a podcast! In the ‘black’ corner we have Seongnam’s Mark and in the ‘red’ corner we have Seoul’s Paul both of whom will be descending on Tancheon this weekend hoping to earn bragging rights for the next few months.


The match itself is more important though than just bragging rights, one glance at the league table shows how huge a match it is. Seongnam win they go top, Seoul win they go 3 pts clear, a draw and well I guess those pesky Jeonju-ers will be celebrating in their bibimbaps come 5pm!


Players to watch

There are several key players in each team, from returning heroes and new heroes, to midfield generals and tenacious wingers but we at 48 Shades believe there are two men who the outcome of the match will hinge upon. They are….


We doubt there’s a person in Korea who hasn’t heard the name Adriano such have been his goal-scoring exploits this year. From free-kicks to goals from ridiculous angles it’s fair to say Seoul’s Brazilian is practically a one-man team as was greatly evident when he came off the bench mid-week and scored four goals in fifty minutes to see his team past a stubborn Daegu. He is quickly becoming the deadliest striker in the league and has prompted some to even call him the best ever. If he is on fire Seongnam will need to be alert.

Kim Do Heon

The Captain is a huge loss for Seongnam

The Seongnam captain may well be entering the twilight of his career but there is no denying that he is still the man that makes this whole team tick. Motivating, creative and with a fine shot to boot he is capable of dictating the outcome of any match and was incredible in the opening game of the season against the Bluewings. He has been used a little sparingly at times so far this year and the team greatly suffers when he is absent, although with a game this size you have to imagine he’ll be on the pitch from the start. If he can get space and time on the ball he will punish an often flat-footed looking Seoul defence.


Mark – I never feel confident going into a Seongnam match against Seoul as I feel I’ve witnessed more tears than smiles over the last couple of seasons. The fact that we are ‘flying high’ so to speak fills me with even more trepidation as expectations are higher than normal.  In saying that I do feel that if our key players play and if we can stop Takahagi bossing things in the middle then we could well see our boys taking another celebration selfie come 5pm. So I’m going to go for a Seongnam victory. Tiago the hero, 1-0 Seongnam.

Paul -If you had asked me about this one two weeks ago I would have been much more confident but now to be honest I’m just not sure. The biggest issue we have at the moment is that if you press Seoul and don’t give them time then they really don’t seem to know what to do and struggle to deal with it. If teams are able to properly mark Adriano out the game then Choi seems to lack a plan B. In saying that though he is a great plan A to have. If we can get him on the ball we will score and for that reason I’m going for a score draw. Seongnam 1 Seoul 1.

The predictions are locked in and it’s almost time for the beers to get opened and hopefully a cracking match will ensue. If you can’t get to the stadium then follow us on Twitter at @Kleague_Podcast for live updates and not doubt the odd spat! 





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