Five things that we learnt from R4

Round three saw business as usual at the top and bottom of the Classic so here are five things we learnt from this week’s matches.

1. No Home Comforts
This week’s round of matches saw three score draws and three away wins leaving most home fans disappointed.  Jeonnam and Jeju fans will have been particularly disappointed after conceding in the last minute to lose and draw respectively.

2. Seoul Theatre is alive and well
FC Seoul have a reputation for scoring in the last minute to dig out a win and their match against Jeonnam saw the first occurrence of that this season as they got a last minute penalty to take all three points from a match they had not really competed in.  The internet was awash with conspiracy theories about the theatrical nature of the dive to earn the penalty. After viewing the replay, 48 Shades thinks that the Seoul player was tripped but definitely made the most of it.

3. Unbeatable trio
Three teams remain unbeaten after four rounds; bet you could have got great odds on Suwon FC being one of them prior to the start of the season! At the other end, Incehon remain pointless even though they fought back to 2-2 from 2-0 down and were gifted a brilliant chance for a third equaliser after the Seongnam keeper passed a backpass directly to Incheon’s non-Kevin foreign striker on the edge of the box. His failure to put that away will haunt his dreams for a while.

4. Jeonbuk stuttering on
Despite having the best squad on paper, Jeonbuk have not really being doing the job on the field although they are unbeaten and well in the mix. LDG scored with a tasty volley to take the lead in their match in Pohang but their shaky defence again let them down as they conceded a late eqaliser.

5. Kim Chang-soo must have booked a holiday somewhere
The Jeonbuk player followed up his red card in last week’s ACL match by getting sent off at the weekend for a horror tackle five minutes before the end. He lunged with is studs up, raking them down the Pohang player’s leg and into his ankle before following through with his trailing leg. He then had the nerve to smile while walking off the pitch. Anyway, that will presumably see him being able to jet off on holiday for three weeks or so…


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