KLeague Classic Kits – Championship group

A couple of days ago we gave you our take on the six kits that we thought were Classhit and now it’s time to give go through the remaining the kits, the ones that are so Classchic, they’ll gain you entry to Gold Bar, the swishest nightclub in Itaewon.  (Editor’s Note: Swisher night clubs may be available but 48 Shades hasn’t yet figured out how to monetise the podcast and thus we are committed to establishments where the drinks are cheap and the bingsu cheaper).

Incheon Home


Rumour has it that Incheon play in black and blue to complement the bruises that their fans accumulate after another punch up with the opposition fans.  48 Shades hope it is only a coincidence that Incheon have brought out a kit with black and blue stripes in the same season that the FC Seoul Suhoshin supporters have decided to increase the number of flags that their fans will wave at matches.  Of course being a Hummel kit, it has the ubiquitous chevron watermark.

Pohang Home


Only two chevrons on this kit…perhaps Hummel had run out by this point?  At first glance 48 Shades liked this kit but it has one major flaw that makes us think perhaps we were too hasty in relegating the god-awful Gwangju kit.  For us, the fact that the bottom hoop is black makes it look like either his shorts are falling down or he’s got hip-hop shorts on. 48 Shades has been to Pohang and gangsta it is not!

Jeonbuk Home


48 Shades imagines the design process for this kit went something like this:

Choi Kanghee:  I want something that reflects the lightning quick pace of the Gook and the Wookie!

FC Seoul-supporting winter intern: downloads the lowest resolution lightning bolt clip art he can find and blows it up 1,00o times before pasting it on the shirt.

Still, anything is better than 2011’s watermelon peel effort!

Seoul home


Le Coq Sportif came in for a lot of stick for last year’s effort which was nicknamed the braces kit because the design of the stripes made it look like the players were wearing black braces over a red shirt. Still, reaction has been pretty positive to this knock-off AC Milan kit with thin stripes and a granddad collar. The club has brought out two new strips this year but instead of a home and away kit, they’ve brought out two home ones, with a special ACL one which has slightly thicker stripes and a white proper collar (also an AC Milan knock-off).

Seongnam Home


In a move which is sure to inspire Mark to buy this year’s kit, Seongnam have switched supplier from the relatively unknown Spanish manufacturer Arbol to globally-renowned English kit manufacturer Umbro.  For their first design, they appear to have incorporated a touch of Englishness into the formerly all black kit by adding a white trim to the sleeves and adding the regal-sounding Jubilee Bank as sponsor in a font which I’m pretty sure is called QEII cursive.  Assume they actually produce this in a size large enough to fit him, I fully expect to see him crooking his little finger while sipping tea at this year’s Seongnam home games.

Sangju Home


Rumour has it that this kit is part of a Rorschach psychological test that will be given to all potential new recruits for the army team.  48 Shades took the test and saw loss after loss after loss followed by swift relegation…



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