The K-Advent Calendar Day 23 – Podcast Rivalries

Day23 - Seoul&Seongnam.png

K-Advent Day 23 – Podcast Rivalries

Football has an incredible knack of creating and some would say encouraging rivalries. From cities being divided by the colour of a scarf, managers resorting to gibbering wrecks after being wound up by another to brothers lining up against each other for different countries the game of football stirs passions like no other. We at 48 Shades are no different and with the new season upon us it’s time to put all our recent agreements and of course logic to one side and get ready for the opening day as nothing gets in the way of a good old fashioned rivalry quite as much as a rational outlook.

So before the season starts and things get as strained Val Kilmer’s belt we decided to give our opinion on the season ahead from our hugely non-biased and completely impartial viewpoints.


The 48 Shades boys get ready to record the mid-season review

Q. Who is the player to watch this season?

A. Paul (FC Seoul) – Shin Jin Ho

A. Mark (Seongnam FC) – I know it’s obvious but Hwang Uijo again for me this season.

Q. Most anticipated match of the season?

A. Paul – The opening weekend away to Jeonbuk as based an ACL form Seoul might actually start the season with a bang.

A. Mark – Always the first away day to The Big Bird. Nothing better than beating them on their own patch.

Q. Highlight of 2015 season?

A. Paul – Kashima away as the TV stations messed up the coverage and only those in the ground saw the winner and experienced the emotion.

A. Mark – There’s a few but probably beating Incheon away in the middle of a monsoon with no roof. Absolutely chucking it down but nobody cared and sang for pretty much the 90 mins.

Q. Predicted league position for 2016?

A. Paul – Top.

A. Mark – 4th and clinching an ACL spot by winning the FA Cup.

Q. When do you think will be the official St. Bernard Matthews Day? (This is the day when it’s no long possible for Suwon Chickenwings to finish above our team in the league)

A. Paul – Round 30 I reckon

A. Mark – It’s been a few years since this happened but I’m going to say Round 33


I’ll tell you I will love it if the 48 Shades guys invite me on their podcast!

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