The K-Advent Calendar Day 22 – The Trophy

Day22 - Trophy

K-Advent Day 22 – The Trophy


With the new season almost upon us we look at the only thing that matters to managers, players and fans alike and that is clinching the title and getting your hands on the trophy itself. And so it is that after a grueling season of thirty-eight matches involving having to travel the length and breadth of the country (although thanks to Busan 2015 there’s not quite the same distances involved) the winners are finally presented with a big golden K for their efforts. It has to be said that the K-League trophy lacks the intricate craftsmanship of the English Premiership trophy, the iconic design of the coveted World Cup trophy and the size, albeit ridiculous, of the Champions League trophy which is made to look all the more ridiculous while trying to be hoisted high by Lionel Messi. As basic and almost bland as the trophy may be it still wins hands down when compared to others in the region and especially the ACL trophy which looks like it was inspired by a crop circle.

The trophy has been won by nine different clubs with Seongnam FC holding the record for most titles with a total of seven the last of which came in 2006. Seongnam also hold the record for being the only club to win ‘three-in-a-row’ having completed the feat twice, once from 1993-1995 and then again from 2001-2003. In the last six seasons only three teams have hoisted the trophy aloft as champions, Pohang (2013), Seoul (2010,2012) and Jeonbuk (2011,2014,2015). Given the signings that have been made in the close season the smart money is on one of either Seoul or Jeonbuk repeating the feat again but whether there will be red and black or green ribbons on the trophy remains to be seen. The ‘bridesmaids’ of the league are undoubtedly Ulsan who have been runners-up a total of seven times with the most recent being when they heartbreakingly threw it away on the last day of the 2013 season. I would say their bottle crashed that day but I do believe that was merely the sound of the numerous soju bottles being thrown on the pitch by the disgruntled travelling Pohang support before their team scrambled the ball over the line in the last minute to snatch the title.

We at 48 Shades find it both interesting and apt that if you imagine the “K” as a football boot swinging at the ball and actually track it’s motion it would in fact miss the ball completely. A homage indeed to some of the league’s both former and current players.

And the trophy for.... nope I have no idea!!

And the trophy for…. nope I have no idea!!


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