The K-Advent Calendar Day 14 – Brazilian Flops

Day14 - Diddy Brazilians %28Bill%2C Almir%2CRafael Costa%2C Hygor%2C Moritz%29

K-Advent Day 14 – Brazilian Flops

They may have taken the game to new levels of excitement with their samba style and their ability to come up with incredibly talented sounding one-word names, Pele, Socrates, Falcoa, Ronaldinho, Fred (Oops how did that one happen), but not all Brazilians are blessed with a natural gift for ‘The Beautiful Game’. Ask any K-League fan and they can round off a list of potential Brazilian Heroes who unfortunately turned out to be more Sol Bamba than Joe Samba. Over the years we have seen our fair share of Jorginhos, Kaios and Patys but few have had such a lasting impact on the K-League as our famous five of Almir (Bucheon), Rafael Costa (Seoul), Andre Moritz (Pohang), Bill (Busan) and Hygor (Suwon Bluewings).

Okay we realize that Hygor has yet to ‘flop’ in the K-League but it doesn’t take a pair of mystic balls to predict him having a less than glorious career in Korea. It is usually a pretty surefire sign of mediocrity when you struggle to find either a wikipedia page or a YouTube compilation video of a new signing. Almir and Costa make our list of ‘diddys’ based solely on the fact that they are indeed ‘diddys’. Almir recently showcased his talents in the red of Bucheon which actually means he spent almost every game trotting around the running track ‘warming up’ for a cameo role as ‘supersub’ that never really happened with only one goal to his name last season. Costa was brought in as Dejan was departing to pastures new and this probably placed huge expectation on his shoulders which could explain his rather rotund body shape. He would go on to make 9 league appearances in two years and fail to find the net in either. Bill makes the list as well come on he’s a Brazilian called Bill, at least Hulk is a fairly well-built chap and suits his name. Added to his name is the fact that he scored only two goals for the Southern team and he’s a welcome addition to our list.

Rounding off our list is the one and only Andre Moritz. He arrived in Korea with Pohang Steelers and had the pedigree of having played in England with Crystal Palace and Bolton. He was immediately loaned out to the Indian leagues to get match fit and his return was hugely anticipated, but unfortunately his temperament left a lot to be desired and he quickly found himself suspended before yet again being loaned out to India. This loan spell was even less productive than his previous stint in the Super League and after one match he returned to The Steelers to never feature again for them. Recent rumours are that he has walked out on new club Buriram United before playing a competitive match for them citing “I don’t like Thailand” as the reason. I think it might be time for Andre to look at a different career, maybe he could replace Stevie on the 48 Shades podcast…

Another pair of Brazilian flops arrive in Korea

Another pair of Brazilian flops arrive in Korea


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