The K-Advent Calendar Day 9 – K-Pop

Day9 - Kpop



K-Advent Calendar Day – K-Pop


There are several thorny issues plaguing the K-League but probably none keep the top bods awake at night quite so much as the falling attendances. Several initiatives have been tried such as FC Seoul’s “Foreigners Day” (us foreign types will go anywhere for a free hot dog). But for us at 48 Shades we applaud the initiative inspired by the great Sir Bob Geldof …K-Pop Aid!. Over the last few seasons several teams have turned to the ‘guaranteed to pull the crowds in’ phenomenon of K-Pop although if we are being honest it’s the promise of a girl group that swells the attendance figures. No club has embraced this quite like those canny chaps at Bucheon FC. Two years ago we had the girls of Stellar and last season they upped their game and brought us Hello Venus. 18,000 filled the seats of Bucheon Stadium to cheer the Venus girls on, in the interests of research 48 Shades were of course present. The only issue we have with this idea is that is doesn’t actually bring the fans back to the game and in fact at said Bucheon match there were about 2000 fans left in the stadium by the final whistle.

So whether you are planning a Girl’s Day out at the football or you are keeping your love for the K-League a Secret from your Girlfriend we are sure there will be a football stadium near you.  It’s worth remembering that in the early rounds a lot of matches kick-off at 2pm so make sure you to get your Shinee new match ticket in time. K-League prices are generally incredibly cheap so it is possible to bring your Sistar or even your Bestie to introduce them to the sport. If you are bringing children then they can get a discounted ticket through the Super Junior ticket option but please remember a lot of grounds use pyrotechnics during the match so there may be some Big Bangs. Most clubs have short half-time competitions, they usually last around 4 Minutes, the prizes are generally simple so don’t expect a trip to Tahiti. As beer is on sale at most grounds you may have to prove you are of age to buy alcohol, please only bring current passports as EXIDs will not be accepted.

Of course not all K-Pop is fully welcomed by the K-League faithful and generally once a year there will be some kind of protest by one group of fans as their club decides to pimp their stadium out to a summer concert of bubble-gum pop magic. The worst culprits for this are FC Seoul who it seems every year will close almost half their stadium to accommodate the ‘Dream Concert’ which is hugely ironic in name as it causes a nightmare for fans and players alike.

The 'Dream Concert' nightmare stage!!

The ‘Dream Concert’ nightmare stage!!

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