The K-Advent Calendar Day 8 – Yellow Cards

Day8 - Yellow

K-Advent Day 8 – Yellow Cards


For the ‘football virgin’ the intricacies of the discipline system in football can be a little complex as there are numerous reasons for incurring the wrath of the referee and ultimately finding yourself ‘in the book’. In Korea the main reasons for seeing yellow can range from; standing next to Lee Dong Gook, smiling at Lee Dong Gook, looking sarcastically at Lee Dong Gook, potentially getting in the way of Lee Dong Gook scoring and the ultimate sin of patronizingly patting Lee Dong Gook on the back when he misses another sitter (it should be noted that this may escalate to red if Mr. Lee decides to drop to the ground and begin rolling around while clutching his face). Yellow cards can also be issued for the act of ‘simulation’ which refers to a player deliberately ‘diving’ to earn advantage. As well as occasionally being met with a yellow card this action is generally greeted with a cry of “get up you, it’s a man’s game” although this is becoming less common since K-League uber fan @korearacing started working weekends.

Korean referees are not exactly widely respected among K-League football fans and they can often bare the brunt for a team losing especially if that team happens to be Bucheon FC. In fairness though they don’t exactly help themselves with some of their displays and there are some times when one feels they would be as well donning the mascot’s uniform such is their obvious favoritism. There was also a recent ‘scandal’ where a group of referees were deemed to have colluded with a particular club in order to “influence” matches. The fact that said teamended up being relegated just goes to show that even when being paid directly by a club they are still incompetent.

We at 48 Shades are looking at starting our own investigation into the possibility of certain individuals of a Brazilian persuasion starting a match already on a yellow card for ‘simulation’ as based on some of their performances they are definitely pretending to be footballers. 


Not everybody accepts their yellow card graciously



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