The K-Advent Calendar Day 6 – Selfies

Day6 - Selfies

K-Advent Calendar Day 6 – Selfies


Picture the scene – its that all-important cup tie and your team wins a penalty, your main striker steps up to take it, pressure is mounting do you: (a) watch through your fingers as you can’t bare the thought of him missing (b) put your beer down in preparation to celebrate because you have faith (c) stand up, turn around and make some strange pouting face while making a ‘peace’ sign against your cheek to make your face look smaller! Yip it’s option (c) and it’s welcome to the world of the K-League ‘selfie’. At 48 Shades Tower we understand the desire to capture that epic footballing moment to keep forever but we generally believe it should be captured while actually watching said epic moment and not facing away from the action making poses that would look perfectly at home in a Roadrunner cartoon.

When the ‘selfie-stick’ was quickly embraced by mainstream Korea we believed, nay hoped, that the tough and grimy environs of “the man’s game” would go untouched alas it was not to be. Those shiny silver rods of hedonistic joy are about as commonplace as match-day magazines and ‘Ultras’. So if you like watching your sports facing the action without distraction from the stands then we suggest pointing at the pitch and shouting “Is that Son Heung Min?”. It’s one sure fire way to uncover the lurking ‘selfie-takers’ in your midst.

Far from a K-League only phenomenon, ‘selfies’ have become an unfortunate part of the match-day experience worldwide so much so that Arsenal recently banned selfie sticks from their stadium. I’m assuming they fall foul somewhere in between free-flowing football and winning the EPL which also seem banned.  

Now that's just pushing it too far!!!

Now that’s just pushing it too far!!!


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