The K-Advent Calendar Day 5 – Ball Beer

Day5 - Ball Beer

K-Advent Calendar Day 5 – Ball Beer


The UEFA Champions League has Heineken, the World Cup has Budweiser, even the Asian Champions League secured Chinese beer giants Tsing Tao so when it came to the K-League linking up a new sponsorship deal they obviously went for the classy sounding OB Premier right? No! They plumped for the apt sounding Ball Beer, a beer commonly referred to as ‘flat Cass’ among the K-League masses. According to the packaging Ball Beer is imported from Germany which I guess goes to show that it’s not just ‘dodgy’ Brazilians that the K-League is duped into buying. The beer has now become the ‘official beer’ of the K-League and can be found at most grounds, well apart from the away end at Jeju United who still seem unable to comprehend the basic concepts of ‘supply and demand’.

Ball beer started to promote their presence in the K-League by sending a large inflatable ‘fan’ to stadiums to sit among the crowd, when this didn’t seem to have the desired effect they went back to Chapter 1 of their Marketing 101 handbook and pulled out all the stops… girls! Not much gets past those canny Marketing gurus, if only the same could have been said for the Busan defence last year! The girls walk through the stands holding up 3000W beer signs while a rather red-faced young guy follows behind them with the actual beers in a bag. We at 48 Shades are of course 100% behind any system that will deliver beer to our seats, no matter how bad that first sip might taste.

Of course most people still ‘smuggle’ their own beer into the stadium instead of waiting for the lone wolf beer girl (and helper) to finally get to your end of the stadium but if you unfortunately happened upon a rather over-zealous security guard then have no fear as Ball Beer is here to save the day. 

Less posing, more serving please girls!

Less posing, more serving please girls


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