The K-Advent Calendar Day 2 – Wet wipes


Day2 - Wet Wipes

K-Advent Day 2 – Wet wipes

Wet Wipes

Growing up on the steps of ‘The Jungle’ and ‘The Spion Kop’ there were many items deemed essential on match day, from a mini-radio to hear how your foes were doing to that ‘lucky scarf’ you would ban your mother from washing and even the obligatory chant questioning Mark Hateley’s parentage. One thing though that never seemed to be first in the ‘game day bag’ was a sachet of wet wipes!! In Korea though the wet wipe has become almost as necessary as your team’s colours, or at least those of some overseas team that a Korean player is currently sitting on the bench for.

All too commonly in K-League stadiums your seat can resemble the aftermath of Sarah Connor’s Judgement Day premonition.  The blame for this normally falls at the feet of the ‘yellow dust’, pigeons or Suwon Bluewings fans. In truth I really do have no idea what happens to these stadiums during the week that manages to make them look like they’ve just hosted the World Championships of Elephant Mud-wrestling. Thankfully though all is not lost and a quick rummage through the bag of most K-League fans will serve up the saving power of some wet wipes. Unfortunately a quick rummage through my bag normally just serves up another beer! For some reason Seoul World Cup Stadium seems to be immune to this problem with the smart among us pointing to folding seats as the reason for this, although it could just be that those bleak grey seats hide the filth.

Just like when flying there is safety protocol to follow. So remember if you are travelling to a ground with your girlfriend or someone who you want to impress, wipe their seat first, and then move on to yours.

Wet wiping protocol!!

Wet wiping protocol!!










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